Saturday, June 4, 2011

In Memory of the late Sami Ofer

Sami Ofer, one of Israel's richest business peronas, passed away on the morning this piece was published. I hope his family doesn't hold me in contempt.
Even prior to his death, this article about the Iranian fling that Ofer & Son might have had - was a bit more sensitive than the usual. 
so the first version showed Sami & brother Yuli with mahmoud ahmadinejad in a boat, waving a helpful flag.

That didn't pass- since Brother Yuli Ofer is no longer involved in Sami's business. They had parted into 2 different business groups. 
It was Sami's son -Idan ofer - who was deeply involved...

This version then, was approved.
But just before it went to the printers, the editor insisted that I don't connect Ahmadinejad to the story, but rather throw in Meir Dagan -  former chief intelligence officer of Israel.

& This was the final version.
Yedioth Acharonot, a column by Sima Kadmon